About the Owner

I wanted to create clothing that made people feel good about themselves and be confident. I originally
started out just selling t-shirts, but as people asked for more types of clothing, I wanted to provide
more. During the height of the pandemic, I noticed that there was a rising generation of Bosses! This
includes, but is not limited to, Entrepreneurs, Content Creators, CEO’s, Super Moms/Dads, Realtors and
other Leaders. I noticed that they wanted to feel good, look good and define their own BOSS style! This
generation of Bosses deserved a space in the clothing industry. Also, the clothing industry has a serious
lack of clothing for people of different shapes and sizes so I wanted to offer clothing to serve this need.
For me, inclusion, self-expression and looking like a BOSS are important and everyone deserves the
chance to look good, feel good and be confident in who they are! 
- Katrina
Modern-ish Clothing Owner